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SOLVED 10713

Compose a brief assignment (600 word minimum, approximately 2 to 3 pages) about cybersecurity in the workplace. Below are a few prompts to help you focus your assignment. (Do not try to discuss all of these topics. Choose one or two that interest you.)

Why do companies conduct cybersecurity risk assessments? What do they find out from these assessments? Why should companies increase cybersecurity awareness among their employees? How can they do this? What are the benefits of regularly updating applications (apps), of password control, and of VPNs? What are the benefits to a company and to individual employees of creating a culture of cybersecurity, where employees continue to use best practices outside of the office? What cybersecurity risks occur when employees bring their own devices to work? How can companies mitigate these risks? What are some resources to help people remain aware of cybersecurity threats and best practices?


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