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SOLVED 10707

Can you help me understand this Political Science question?

I will attach the rough draft essay in the attachments and please I need you to do small changes only on the paper,

I had some feedback and I need to do these changes , the feedback about my rough draft is :

– The draft is underdeveloped and not written in an essay format.
– You can expand this by talking about the sides diplomatic relations as well as business and other relations. You can enrich this by citing statements from officials of both sides that can shed light on how each side see the conflict.

so I need to talk more about the diplomatic relations as well as business and other relations in both countries ( UAE and Iran )

The assignment sources are : the sources should be 7 , 4 news or online articles and the rest 3 sources are books.
so if you want to change one of the sources please make sure to replace it with a reliable source, for ex: you changed a book source and decided to cite another source, it should be a book too cuz I have to get at least 4 book sources in this essay. The same with the articles or the news sources. If you want to add sources to the paper please make sure its reliable sources, Also I will attach some of the sources that are recommended from the instructor in this class.


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