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Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help.

Chelsea is an 18-year-old freshman in college. She is an A student and star athlete. She was an A student all throughout high school. However, during the last semester, Chelsea was tested for hyperthyroidism and was found to have thyroid problems. She became uncharacteristically irritable, frequently snapping at her peers, missing swimming practice that she once really enjoyed. She seemed uninterested when friends contacted her. When her parents tried to talk to her, she asked to be left alone and retreated to her bedroom. She spent most of her weekends crying and sleeping. Chelsea became increasingly withdrawn from family and friends. She felt guilty about how she was treating everyone and finally agreed to see a therapist. Chelsea reported that she had been experiencing symptoms for the past three months.

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. What are the depressive symptoms you observe?

2. What are depressive disorders? Which one do you think Chelsea should be diagnosed with?

2. What are the factors associated with causing Chelsea’s depression?

Sociology homework help


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