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Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. The purpose of this 6-8 page paper is to synthesize your own experiences with course materials. The paper has three distinct parts:

  • Part I requires you to analyze family-of-origin issues or other personal issues as to how they might influence or affect one’s clinical practice. This includes patterns of communication, boundaries, dynamics, roles, rules, health and illness, conflict, etc. Please include references from Cummins & Sevel (2018), Chapter 4.
  • Part II of this paper requires you to describe and reflect upon your personal biases or prejudices, including where these feelings/beliefs may have originated and the impact they may have on professional practice. You should also include a plan for reducing bias in practice. Please integrate at least three concepts (e.g. white privilege, informed-not-knower, ethnocentrism) from course materials (e.g. readings, videos, textbooks) and cite accordingly (APA).
  • Part III includes a summary of your thoughts, reflections & insights about this assignment.

The Thought Paper should integrate concepts from the readings as well as a reference page in APA format.

Sociology homework help


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