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Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help.

Preparation:You will be performing a content analysis of 1 hour of a television program of your choosing (ie., Shameless, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Scandal, etc). Prepare for this assignment by reviewing the readings and your notes on the sociological perspectives discussed in weeks 1 and 2.Instructions:For this assignment, you will perform a content analysis on one episode of a 1-hour television program. This assignment will require you to don the hat of a sociologist undertaking a study using this particular sociological method discussed in Chapter 2. Don your sociological cap to analyze the TV episode and answer the following:

  • Provide a brief synopsis of the television episode you’re watching (a paragraph)
  • How does this particular television episode demonstrate each of the perspectives (functional, conflict, feminist, and symbolic interaction)
? You should be able to observe aspects of each perspective but may find one that is more dominant)
  • What may the TV show suggest about our culture?
  • What messages are being presented along race, class, and gender lines?
  • What are the social and/or political implications of the episode?

Format:Paper length should be minimum 3 FULL pages, no more than 4; double-spaced; 11-12-pt font; Margins: 1” (top, bottom, left & right). Be sure to state your chosen television program in the paper’s introduction. Use terminology learned from the text or in the course and be sure to properly cite when not using your own words. Grammar and spelling ARE important. If you are using Apple Pages or Google Docs, you can export the file as a .docx.  Please upload as a .docx or .pdf file only.  If you do not see a preview of your document after you submit it, I won’t see it either.

Sociology homework help


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