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Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. Paper: Using your current major or future desired occupation, address the following topics.  I have listed starting questions, but you are not limited to these.  You will need to use MLA format and should include 5-8 external sources.  The CIA World Fact Book ( has great demographic information and can help you get started.

  1. Money: How will your annual income of $45,000 USD place you in the economy? Will you be more or less wealthy than your neighbors? Will you be in danger? What kind of budget will you have? What do taxes look like? What is the Cost of Living? What will you do with excess income, if you have any?
  2. Health: How will you maintain a healthy lifestyle? What types of food are eaten? Can you drink the local water? How will you stay fit? What kind of medical care is available? Will you have insurance?
  3. Religion: Is there an established faith/religion? How will you practice your faith? Are there dangers associated with faith? How will you relate to other faith groups present in your country? (Operation World may help you will this question – (Links to an external site.))
  4. Leisure time/Culture: What will you do with your non-work time? Will you see movies or go to plays? What is the music like?  What about reading or social gatherings? Museums?
  5. Language: What language(s) is/are spoken in your country? Will you be required to learn or is English widely spoken?
  6. Education: What kind of educational opportunities are available for you or your family? Will your child(ren) be required to learn another language or are the English-speaking schools? Is education adequate? Public or Private?
  7. Technology: What kinds of technology are available in your country? How will the presence/absence of certain technology impact you personally and/or professionally? Is social media censored/monitored?
  8. Transportation: How will you travel?
  9. Other adjustments: What other adjustments will you have to make? Will these raise any ethical/moral questions?
  10. Career: What job will you have? How will you do your job in this country?

Sociology homework help


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