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Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help. Question 1: Domhoff writes in Chapter 3 that “the upper class at any given historical moment consists of a complex network of overlapping social circles knit together by the members they have in common and by the numerous signs of equal social status that emerge from a similar lifestyle.” What does he mean? Give examples by citing the text.

Question 2: Domhoff writes in Chapter 4 about the policy planning process and the network of groups that are involved in the formation of all social policy. He identifies the three main components as foundations, think tanks and policy-discussion groups. Let’s begin the inquiry for the paper that will come up in Week Four on the topic of Social Security, and attempt to follow the formation of current social policy on this issue. From the list of organizations provided on the Week Four assignment page (see the Week Four page and ‘Week Four Assignment’ link), choose one organization and Identify if it is a foundation, think tank, or policy-discussion group and attempt to explain how they are involved in shaping US policy on social security. This will require a little web research on your part. In your answer identify the difference between the three types of organizations.

Social Science homework help


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