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Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help. Nurse Practitioners’ Scope of Practice (Discussion Board)

This forum activity is part of the “Consensus Model Grading Criteria” of the course.

In this forum, you have the opportunity to express your opinion, position, and point of view related to the Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (Nurse Practitioners) scope of practice.

Support your opinion with a review of the literature.

Read the following situation and start a discussion about it. Remember to sustain your arguments with the support of literature.

You are one of the Nurse Practitioners working at a Community Medical Center. You heard one of the Physicians saying the following in a conversation with another doctor:

“It is unusual for NPs to refer themselves as a Doctor because they simply are not. It is atypical. I also think that Nurse Practitioners should not work independently, at any time, and in any circumstances. There must always be a real Doctor to guide them. They must always work under the mandate of a Doctor”.

What do you think about that?

State your position or point of view about it.

If you had the opportunity to be part of the conversation, what would you respond to the doctor’s argument?

Remember to use literature to support your arguments and/or opinion.

Social Science homework help


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