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Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help. Please answer all of the questions below.  Please refer to your course syllabus for instructions on how many words are required for each answer, the due date of the exam and so on.  Do NOT go under or over the word count as points will be deducted for doing so.  This exam is to be done independently without consultation with other students or the internet.  You do not need to reference your work.


1) In class we talked about Cohen’s Middle Class Measuring Rod Theory.  Please discuss this theory in detail (10 marks)


2) In class and in your text the concept of culture was discussed.  Further, we talked about what it means to be Canadian and what are Canadian values?  Please discuss what it means to be Canadian and also tell me about the research we talked about in class that seems to be in opposition to what new immigrants think about Canada (10 marks)


3) In class we talked about Deterrence Theory.  Please discuss this theory in detail by telling me what the three components to this theory are and also what are the issues with this theory (10 marks)


4)  What is meant by the phrase “crime is socially defined” (10 marks)

Social Science homework help


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