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Research Statistics Statistical Data Benefit

Research Statistics Statistical Data Benefit. Research Statistics

Statistical Data Benefit

Part 1: Statistical Terms

This week the discussion centered around how statistics are used in the criminal justice field, as well as what common statistical processes are and how they are calculated.

Complete this worksheet in which you describe the benefits of using statistical data in criminal justice. Provide an explanation and example of how each of the following are used in the Criminal Justice field

Statistical Process Explain how it is Calculated Example of when used in Criminal Justice
Mean  The Mean is calculated by first adding up all the numbers then dividing them by the total numbers that were in the set.  
Median The Median is the middle number in an arranged row of numbers. To calculate the median the numbers must be in order from the smallest to the largest to find the middle number.  
Mode The Mode of a set of numbers is the number that appears frequently. To calculate the mode, the numbers must be in order from the smallest to the larges. Then count how many times a number appears. The number that pops up the most is the mode.  


Part 2: Inferential and Descriptive Statistics

In 90 to 175 words, differentiate between when inferential and descriptive statistics are used in criminal justice. Provide examples to support your points.


Research Statistics Statistical Data Benefit


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