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Reading homework help

Reading homework help.

1.  Read Rath & Conchie: Strengths-Based Leadership (pages 7 – 95 and the 5 additional resources related to your top 5 strengths).

2.  Read your Signature Theme Report and Strengths Insight Guide (can be downloaded from the same website you downloaded your report at no extra charge).

3.  Write a 2-page paper that identifies your top 5 strengths and how you can apply them to your current or future leadership context.

i.  Include an introduction and cite your report and the text.

ii.  How are your strength themes defined?

iii.  What are your strengths/advantages?

iv.  What are your weaknesses/pitfalls?

v.  How would you address these weaknesses?

vi.  How would you use your strengths in leadership?

vii.  Consider your personal experiences and ask: Does this report align with your personal experience?  INCLUDE EXAMPLES FROM YOUR LIFE WHERE YOU SAW ONE OR MORE OF YOUR STRENGTHS EMERGE.

viii.  Don’t forget to cite your theme report and the text and include them in your reference list.

Reading homework help


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