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Reading homework help

Reading homework help. Questions:

1. With Vygotskian learning, the responsibility for learning initially relies more on the more knowledgeable other – the person assisting and guiding the child with crossing the zone of proximal development. Ultimately full responsibility transfers to the child.  What strategies do you have or can you suggest to assist students with becoming independent learners?

2.Scaffolding is culturally dependent. How would methods of scaffolding change given different tasks that are not as analytic?

3. What do you believe is the most ideal environment for a child to progress through Piaget’s stages of cognitive development? Or, is progression independent of environmental influence?

4. In Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, there are specific ages associated with each developmental level. How do you think the cognitively challenged and cognitively gifted advance through the four stages? Would a child genius reach the formal operational stage much sooner than a child of normal intelligence?

Reading homework help


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