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Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. Chapter 2 Write-Now Exercise


Use the space below each of the following write-now exercise to record your responses.

  1. The facilitative conditions of empathy, respect, and authenticity appear fundamental to the development and maintenance of positive relationships of all kinds– professional and non-professional alike. With whom and in what contexts have you found it difficult to be genuine, convey respect, and experience empathy? What could you do to demonstrate these qualities when it is challenging for you to do so?
  2. Integrity is an especially critical aspect of professionalism. In what circumstances as a social worker student might you find it challenging to maintain your personal or professional integrity? How about when you have graduated and are serving in a professional social work role?
  3. Consider the core beliefs about people and the world as reflected in your past and current cultural contexts. Identify three such beliefs that conflict with the mission and values of the social work professional culture. Briefly discuss how you might address these cultural conflicts.
  4. As social animals, we humans think, feel, and perform better when we inhabit safe and resource-rich environments, belong to intimate social groups, have regular and reliable sources of social support, and have a strong sense of social well-being. As social workers, we expend large quantities of energy managing our emotions, controlling impulses, thinking deeply, and exercising professional judgment. To balance such energy costs, we require energy assets in the form of social supports and connections. Briefly outline up to three completely reliable sources of unconditional social support in your contemporary life. Then, identify how you might improve the depth and quality of your current social supports and improve your social well being.

Psychology homework help


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