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Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. FINAL: Cultural Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Purpose of cultural annotated bibliography assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to specifically speak to course objectives 2, 4, & 5.  This assignment serves to facilitate a student’s cultural competence in relation to working with diverse client systems dealing with grief and loss issues.

Choose 10 peer-reviewed journal articles (please choose new articles – articles you have not used for previous assignments) dealing with grief and bereavement based on a variety of religious and cultural perspectives different than your own.  Please incorporate articles that outline the full scope of diversity….race, class, gender, religion/spiritual, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic class, physical or mental challenges/disability as they relate to grief and loss and how these differences impact clients and the helping relationship/situation.  Example topic areas may include, but are not limited to:

Mexican Americans and grief/loss issues

Lesbian women and grief/loss issues

African Americans and grief/loss issues

Jewish people and grief/loss issues

Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and grief/loss issues

Chronic illness and grief/loss issues

And, so on.

Or, you may choose 10 peer-reviewed journal articles where each article deals with a different culture and how that culture deals with grief and loss issues.  If you choose to complete your annotated bibliography exploring different cultures…You can title your topic area:  A Look at Different Cultures and Grief/Loss Issues.  smile

Your task is to read the articles and provide an introduction section, an APA style reference for each article followed by a summary of the article, and a conclusion section.  Please review my example assignment in the

Learning week 7 forum under Annotated Bibliography Example Assignment.  Please fashion your assignments in the same manner as mine is fashioned.  You don’t need to identify a topic area as is listed on the example assignment.  If you have any questions about the assignment – please post them in the

How to post your assignment:

In the Learning week 7 forum under Final:  Cultural Annotated Bibliography Assignment you will:

Type the introduction, APA references, summaries of articles, and conclusion in the text box.  When you are ready to post your assignment….click the add submission tab and then post your assignment in the text box.  ***I would suggest that you type your assignment in a document and save the document on your computer first and then copy and paste the assignment into the text box***  I realize that Moodle can affect formatting….just do the best you can or, go ahead and attach your Word.doc instead of pasting in the text box

Grading Rubric:

Introduction                                           3 points

Summary of each article                       4 points (10 articles X 4 points = 40 points)

Conclusion                                            2 points

Total                                                      45 points

Psychology homework help


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