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Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. nstructions: Choose 3 questions from those below to answer. Be sure to answer the questions in full and in detail. Length of answers will vary, but you can expect at least 500 words per answer. I have included all sources needed to answer questions 2-4.


1) Murray Rothbard outlined his vision of what a libertarian society (with minimal to no government) would look like. How much government do you believe is necessary for society to function? Is government even truly necessary? In your answer, try to incorporate any readings from the course to help support your answer.

2) Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels described a natural progression toward a classless society due to the conditions of workers and their inevitable revolution. Do you believe that society follows a such a natural progression in this direction or do you reject such an idea? Is a classless society even possible? Does human progress follow any particular path? Explore each of these questions and explain your answer with relevant examples. (Sources below: Leon Trotsky, MarkEngles, MaoZedong, & Bernie Sanders).

3) In this course, we have read influential fascist writings from Benito Mussolini, Alfredo Rocco, and the conspiracy theory The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Given what you have read, what steps/ingredients would you say make it possible for totalitarian movements to attain power? What steps/safeguards do you believe are necessary to prevent such movements from taking hold? Do you believe totalitarianism remains a threat in our modern world and to what extent? (Sources Below: Benito Mussolini, Alfredo Rocco, & The Protocols of Elders).

4) We have read a number of texts from Islamist thinkers near the end of this course. What would you describe as some of the main themes of these authors? How do such arguments appeal to their intended audiences? Also, what steps can be taken to counter these ideologies? (Sources Below: Ayatollah, OsamaBinLaden, Vine Deloria, Sayyvid, & AbuBakral).

Political Science homework help


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