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Physics homework help

Physics homework help. 1. If f1 = 100 Hz, Which of the following are harmonics .  Chose all correct answers

a. 50 Hz  b. 150 Hz  c. 200 Hz  d. 250 Hz  e.500 Hz   f.550 Hz    g. 1500 Hz    h.1550 Hz  i. 1000 Hz

j. 5500 Hz

2. A string is stretched tight on a frame that is 40 cm long. ( ) = where the answer belongs

The wavelength of its fundamental frequency is (blank)  m and the wave length of the 2nd harmonic is  (blank) m.

3. If the frequency of the above string is 330 Hz, what is the velocity of the wave in the string in m/s? (Number answer only – no units)

4. The velocity of a wave in a string is 250 m/s.  1 m of the string has a mass of 1.5 g.  What is the tension on the string?

5. A string has a fundamental frequency of 330 Hz.

The 2nd harmonic is (answer here) Hz, and the 5th harmonic is  (answer here) Hz.

Physics homework help


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