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Physics homework help

Physics homework help. 1. Billy Bottom play his 5 string electric bass in a concert on a very hot summer day.  The temperature was measured to be 105°F (40.6° C).  The frequency of his lowest note (B0) is 30.9 Hz.  When he plays his low B, how long (in meters)  would the wavelength of the sound wave be? (Answer must be number only, no units or exponents)

2. The G string of a violin has a tension of 47.2 N.  The string has a linear mass density of 2.6 x 10-3 kg/m.   What is the speed of the wave in the string in m/s? (Number answer only-no units)

3. The low A string of a guitar is tightened to a tension of 62 N. The speed of the wave in the string is 143 m/s.  If the string is 65 cm long, what is it’s mass in grams? (Number answer only)

Physics homework help


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