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Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help. For this assignment, you’ll begin your response to the following prompt:

Thinking of the theories we have covered in class, why should we care about the environment? To answer this prompt, you must: (1) put forward an argument for why we ought to care about the environment; (2) consider an objection to your argument; and (3) respond to that objection.

Thesis Assignment:

You must write a thesis paragraph – not just a statement – for your paper. It should be approximately 200 words long. In it, you ought to express the central claim of your paper and express how you intend to argue for it

Argument Assignment:

This assignment is asking you to complete (1), the positive argument of your paper. You need to provide a conclusion and the reasons you have for supporting that conclusion. That is, you need to explain why it is that you are arguing for your thesis.

You should add this, in a single document, onto your thesis assignment, bringing the total word count up to approximately 600 words. I ask that you include a line break between your thesis assignment and your argument assignment so that I can clearly demarcate them.


Philosophy homework help


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