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Personal Development Assignment

Personal Development Assignment. I need only 6 pages,. Due in 24 hours. No Plagiarism. 

Will be a take home exercise that will give you an opportunity for self-reflection and analysis on the topic of leadership. This is a thinking and discussion exercise designed to help you know yourself better and become more effective in leading and managing others. The maximum length is 10 pages. Turn

in with a cover page and a pithy title


Think all your experiences of either being a leader or working with leaders:

Who is the best leader that you know and what makes him/her so effective? Do you possess any of these qualities?

Give examples of when you were effective in a leadership role?

As a leader or a potential leader, what do you believe are your primary strengths and weaknesses? As part of this assignment, ask three people you trust to evaluate you as a leader and then compare their feedback with what you wrote about yourself in part 3 of this assignment.

What are the things you need to work on in terms of how you work with others as a leader?

What is your game plan on improving your leadership skills and outcomes as a results-based leader?

Personal Development Assignment


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