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Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help.

Description of the critical elements and  explanation of what was included in the script.

· What is happening on the field or court, and at what time? For example, what is the home team doing? What are visitors doing? When might teams and officials enter the facility for warm-ups or return to the locker room before the game?

· Consider staging timelines. For example, where and at what time might the halftime entertainment need to be close to the field to allow for efficient transitions?

· Who else will be using the playing surface during the event? What will they be doing, and when? (Think marching bands, cheerleaders, promotional events, special ceremonies, and so on.)

· Schedule a time for a community figure to be formally recognized during the game or event. This would commonly occur during the event at the point when most fans are focused on the performance surface

This is a 2 page assignment. The second page should include excel spreadsheet specifying the event timeline.

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Operations Management homework help


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