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Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help.

Blog 8

Benefit selling is at the core of creating value for customers. A variety of sales tools or aids are available to salespeople to communicate information such as verbal support, printed materials, and presentations. Watch the following video Personal Selling: Helping Customers Solve Problems (Links to an external site.) and carefully observe how this salesperson conducts himself. Then answer the questions:

  • Comment on Michael’s use of SPIN to relate the features and advantages of his services to the benefits to his prospect. Give specific examples of questions and statements used.
  • How does Michael use sales aids? How do they help him achieve his sales call objective?
  • How successful do you think this salesperson is? Explain your answer.

Blog 9

Handling objections and earning trust is one of the most important roles that a salesperson plays. Price is normally one of the most common forms of buyer resistance, but not always. Watch the short video Pacemakers: A Sales Call Example (Links to an external site.) Answer the following questions:

  • Based on the e-lecture, what type of objection(s) does the doctor pose to the sales rep? Why?
  • How does the sales rep handle the resistance or objection?
  • How does the salesperson use LAARC?
  • Based on the techniques in Exhibit 8.8, which ones are used by the salesperson? What constructive feedback would you provide to the sales rep?
  • Exhibit 8.8.pdfPreview the document

Operations Management homework help


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