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Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help.  

GB570-1: Analyze how elements of the value chain interact to create competitive advantage.

Competency Assessment:

The purpose of this Assessment is to confirm your understanding of the direct correlation between effective value chain management and a firm’s competitive advantage. This examination will include application of the Dimensions of Competitiveness, examining the relationship between customer delight, profitability, and effective value chain management with the achievement of competitive advantage.

Address the checklist items below, access the rubric, and follow the instructions as well as minimum submission requirements.


  1. Write an APA formatted minimum 4-page paper, not including title and reference pages.
  2. Describe an example of customer delight from your own purchase experience. Identify at least three of the 21 elements of The Contemporary Value Chain Model and then relate the direct positive effect these elements had upon your delightful purchase experience.
  3. Describe an example of a horrible purchase experience and apply at least three of the 21 elements of The Contemporary Value Chain Model to recommend how value chain improvement could have alleviated the bad situation.
  4. Examine and apply “the four dimensions of competitiveness” to four different company (brand) examples.  Explain how each competitive strategy differentiates the company (brand) from its competition.
  5. Examine the concepts and interrelationships of (A) customer delight, (B) profitability, (C) and effective value chain management upon the achievement of competitive advantage.5a. Identify two examples of companies that have been successful in this integration (customer delight, profitability, with competitive advantage (i.e., market share, and, run an effective value chain)
    5b. Identify two examples of companies that have not been successful in this integration. Include explanations for your choices.
  6. Make a compelling argument as to why an effective value chain creates competitive advantage.
  7. Support your response’s content with at least three separate applied and cited references. Accepted sources are: Library article(s), your textbook and the chosen example companies’ websites. No other internet references are acceptable for the Assessment.
  8. Submit your completed paper in Standard English using correct spelling and grammar to the Assessment Dropbox.

Operations Management homework help


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