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Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.

Part 1
Identify the type of sampling design used in the following examples

  1. Thirty nursing faculty randomly sampled from a random selection of ten nursing schools.
  2. A sample of 250 members randomly selected from a roster of ANA members.
  3. Every 20th patient admitted to the ER in the month of June.
  4. The first 20 males and the first 20 female patients admitted to the hospital with hypothermia.

Part 2

Related to the Heikkinen article, consider the following questions and give supporting rationales.

  1. What was the target population?
  2. What were the inclusion criteria?
  3. What were the exclusion criteria?
  4. Describe the sample characteristics.
  5. Can you generalize the results of this study to the target population? Why or why not?

Nursing homework help


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