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Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.

PICOT Formulation

Yuritza Medina

Chamberlain University

Practice Question one

PICOT elements identification

P-Children between 5-19 years with a BMI above 30.

I- Motivational interviewing during child visits.

C- Practice as usual.

0- Improve BMI, BP, quality of life, and physical activities.

T-over 8-10 weeks.

Key search terms

The key search terms are motivational interviewing and children with a BMI above 30.

Research study

Motivational Interviewing for Overweight Children: A Systematic Review

The intervention strategy recommended in this study is the use of Motivational interviewing at the parental level. The research findings revealed that parents who conducted motivational interviewing boosted the lifestyle behavior of the children. The quantifiable outcomes include lowered BMI, waist circumference, and waist to hip ratio after 24 months of intervention (Suire et al., 2020). To ensure reliability, the researcher can use the eligibility tests such as the inclusion and exclusion criteria to ensure all the studies are useful in answering the practice question (Alexander, 2020). The researcher can also achieve validity by using the PICOT protocol to define the inclusion and exclusion criteria as early as possible. Researchers should minimize ambiguity as much as possible and define interventions in a specific way to be applied.

It is possible to answer this practice question within 8 to 10 weeks because the intervention strategy’s physical outcomes can be seen as soon as motivational interviewing is implemented.

Practice question two

PICOT Elements identification

P-Adults in critical care.

I-Research-based skincare integrity bundle.

C-Standard care

O-Reduce hospital-acquired pressure injuries.

T- 8-10 weeks

Key Search terms

This practice question’s key search terms are adults in critical care, research-based skincare integrity bundle, and incidence of pressure injuries.

 Research study

Prevalence of pressure injury in adults presenting to the emergency department by ambulance

The cross-sectional observational study recommends continuous risk assessment as a way of preventing pressure injuries in hospitals. According to the research, hospitals should invest in nursing compliance to enhance prevention, cost-effectiveness (Fulbrook et al., 2019). This intervention’s quantifiable outcomes are the quality of life adjusted years and the cost incurred in the prevention of pressure injuries. For this study, one can achieve reliability and validity by conducting an observation many times to ensure results consistency. Inter-rater reliability may also help assess measurements between two or more observers (Belur, 2018).

The practice question cannot be answered within8-10 weeks because it will not be allocated to implement the intervention and measure the outcomes.


Alexander, P. A. (2020). Methodological guidance paper: The art and science of quality systematic reviews. Review of Educational Research, 90(1), 6-23.

Belur, J., Tompson, L., Thornton, A., & Simon, M. (2018). Interrater reliability in systematic review methodology: exploring variation in coder decision-making. Sociological methods & research, 0049124118799372.

Fulbrook, P., Miles, S., & Coyer, F. (2019). Prevalence of pressure injury in adults presenting to the emergency department by ambulance. Australian Critical Care, 32(6), 509-514.

Suire, K. B., Kavookjian, J., & Wadsworth, D. D. (2020). Motivational Interviewing for Overweight Children: A Systematic Review. Pediatrics, 146(5).

Nursing homework help


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