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Management homework help

Management homework help.

Assignment Content

  1. Strategic management includes an analysis of a business’s current state. Continuing with your research of Caterpillar, Inc., you will leverage the business SWOT tool to identify and drive organizational strategic decision making and evaluate problem-solving strategies for the company.

    Review the Strategic Management Project Background document.

    Create a Word doc and title it Strategic Management Research Journal Part 2. NOTE: include your SWOT chart as a figure in your journal essay, or submit it as a separate document with your paper. (Again, be sure to download and follow the template that I provided. Use a Title page and a References page with at least three references. No running head is required, but do use headings to separate portions of your paper, and remember to cite your sources in the main body of your paper).

    Write a 350- to 525-word response to the following prompts in your journal entry:

    1. Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of Caterpillar, Inc. Each SWOT quadrant must contain 7-10 items, (this is not included in the 525-word count).
    2. Analyze Caterpillar’s strengths and include specific examples based on your SWOT analysis findings.
    3. Evaluate the weaknesses and threats for any common themes that might be a risk.
    4. Compare Caterpillar’s weaknesses against its opportunities.
    5. Propose problem-solving strategies to address Caterpillar’s weaknesses or threats that could be mitigated by a business opportunity or business decision.

Management homework help


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