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Management homework help

Management homework help.

After studying this chapter, the reader should have an accurate understanding of contingency and situational theories of leadership. Although the array of theories may baffle the reader at first, internal and external factors may transform the traits of a situational leaders.

• Describe the situational traits Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. demonstrated as a leader?

• Has our American society achieved this ideal dream?

Did the 2020 electorial prociess created unrest in our country?

Check out McLachlan’s Blog: Situational leadership during the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement

Check out this video on YouTube:

*Short APA Word Format Attached (5 points)
Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12,
Spacing: Double. Justification: Left, Cited Sentences.
Minimum 250 Words and 2 Pages with references*

Mechanics: Includes complete sentences, proper formatting of margins, spacing, indentation, etc.; typeface and use of emphasis are appropriate to task. Includes thorough documentation or citation as necessary; supports all claims within either text or appendix; properly identifies outside material.

Grammarly review may include no more than two minor errors (90s’).
Possible Deductions: 80s-1 pts.,70s-2pts., 60s-3pts. 50s-4 pts.

Management homework help


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