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Management homework help

Management homework help.

1.                   Assessment

The assessment for this module consists of one form of assessment. Submission date is as indicated.


Part Type of assessment Word or time limit Mark Submission Method Submission Date
1 Written Assignment 10,000 words 100% Online submission NO LATER THAN:

___________; 5pm



Written Assignment – 100%

Purpose of the Assessment

The purpose of this assignment is to report on an independent piece of research based upon an actual business case situation.


Assessment Task

In the current international economic environment, entrepreneurs and managers are frequently required to undertake business planning, project and consultancy work in addition to their core responsibilities. Frequently, these projects are focused upon investigating new business opportunities or potential strategic changes in order to create, retain and extend competitive position. Furthermore, they may also be required to undertake consulting assignments.


The assessment task is to design and deliver a 10,000 words research report, through the application of appropriate research methods to a consultancy project, provided by the module team.


It is essential that all sources of information are correctly referenced using the Harvard system.


Suggested Format for the Project Report

The format below is recommended. You may also wish to refer to this in the design stages of your project as it includes lots of prompts that you may find useful.



The following details should be stated on your Cover Page:

  1. Name of University / Partner
  2. Name of Module
  3. Research Title
  4. Name of Student
  5. University ID Number
  6. Name of Adjunct Lecturer / Supervisor
  7. Word Count



1st Thank your supervisor for guiding you to complete the dissertation.

2nd Other related people that have assisted/contributed to your project.



Provide a list of the sections of your project with page numbers.


Management homework help


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