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Management homework help

Management homework help.

Length: Maximum 2,500 words

Feedback mode: 

Formative feedback is provided throughout the semester in your class workshops/tutorials. Your workshop leader will work with you providing you with real-time feedback based on the work that you share with her/him. If you come prepared to your workshops then your workshop leader will have more opportunity to provide you with formative feedback.

Summative feedback will be provided in the marking rubric. We will provide comments in each cell of the marking rubric and in the general comments section at the end. We aim to provide feedback that is:

  • Specific – that is, the feedback will relate to the work that you have completed
  • Informative – that is, the feedback will help you to understand the level of achievement that you attained
  • Directive – that is, the feedback will give you strategies, ideas and a direction for further improvement

Assessment Declaration:

I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the Assessment declaration. (Links to an external site.)

Learning Objectives Assessed:

This assignment assesses Learning Objectives 3 and 6.

  • Develop applied skills to conduct industry and company research involving critically analysing and synthesising business information.
  • Communicate business data through research analysis and report writing.

Possible Report Template

You may use this template if it helps you organise your thoughtsPreview the document as you respond to the writing prompt below.  You should ask your local lecturer how to harmonise their advice with this template if you decide to use it.


Purpose of the assignment:  

This assignment is designed to get you to think more deeply about Part 2 of how you might solve the overall management challenge and why your chosen approach could be the “best way.”  Whereas your goal in A1 (Part 1) was to analyse what the FFCRC does as an R&D organisation, the goal of A2 (Part 2) is to analyse a particular energy product created by Engie Energy Resources (listed below).  In A3 (Part 3), you will bring what you have learned in A1 and A2 together to design a business model / roadmap for FFCRC to present to Engie Energy Resources about how they could work together to commercialise that product.

Overall management challenge: The FFCRC, as an R&D organisation, helps energy businesses design solutions to technical & management problems.  In this instance, the FFCRC is trying to help Engie Energy Resources design a business plan (roadmap) to commercialise the technical products they have created at the REIDS-SPORE Demonstration project. Details about the demonstration project are in the videos found HERE:

Information on what hydrogen is and how it is made can be found HERE (Links to an external site.).

For A2, pick only one of these products. Concentrate on building a business case for how it can be used commercially across a range of businesses within one business sector.

Problem:  Your task in this assignment is simply to imagine how this one product might be used and how it could be marketed to various end users both in Singapore (Links to an external site.) and within the ASEAN (Links to an external site.) region.  Consider macro, meso and micro implications as you make the case for the use of this product.  Rather than going broad and general, pick one business sector on which to focus (e.g., banking / finance, automobile production, real estate, e-commerce, etc.)  You may wish to ask the following questions:

  • How would the uptake of a ‘green energy’ product help businesses in this sector achieve low emissions goals?
  • Why should they strive to achieve these goals?
  • What are the financial implications?
  • Think about how soft and hard processes (e.g., leadership/culture, ethics/CSR, and/or HRM) would be affected (both +/-) by companies making the choice to purchase and use one of these green energy products?
  • How would the use of green energy products help end users achieve their own strategic sustainability goals or contribute to a regional decarbonisation strategy?

Requirements for the assignment:    

  • Re-state the problem as a research question
  • Undertake a literature review of management literature on energy / sustainability challenges within the business sector you chose.  This review will help you to better understand the nature of the problem, how theory can inform a solution and what (if anything) has been tried before to solve this kind of problem (e.g. Has this kind of challenge occurred before? Maybe in another industry? How has it been solved?)
  • Identify and select appropriate scholarly tools, models and theories that will help you to understand the implications the use of this product will have on hard and soft systems within companies in your chosen business sector (e.g., leadership, CSR, ethics, HR, etc.)
    • What kind of leadership and subsequent cultures need to be formed when making the change to use this product? Why and How?
    • Are there ethical aspects we have to consider with internal and external stakeholders?  Why and How?
    • What overall alignment is required between HRM, leadership/culture, and ethics to make sure they all say the same thing when communicating with and motivating employees to support the use of this product?
  • The substance of your report is to justify why this product should be adopted by your chosen business sector – remember to use management theory and logic – make sure to support your case with evidence.
  • Appendix: Write a 250-word response to the feedback you received in your first assignment and how that feedback informed your approach to structuring this assignment (this response does not apply towards your total word count).

Other useful information:

  • You have to cite in text and in the reference list, whenever you borrow somebody’s idea.
  • Students at RMIT are recommended to follow the RMIT-Harvard referencing style (link below). (Links to an external site.)

  • Please refer to RMIT guide  (reports/learning lab) for a report format.

  • You should be able to overwrite your assignment multiple times, if necessary.

Management homework help


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