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Management homework help

Management homework help. INSTRUCTIONS

You have been asked to speak and present to a group of coaches about the importance of being physically fit and implementing strength training and conditioning strategies to high school aged athletes for any sport you choose. For this assignment, please develop a PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation and an outline of your presentation which addresses the following topics:

  • Include the basics of muscle mechanics and physiology and provide examples for how this knowledge may be applied to flexibility and resistance training for their athletes. Also include a brief discussion of the causes and means for preventing muscle soreness.
  • Give examples of the type of training activities that would be useful in developing fitness for each level of athletic performance. Discuss the use of heart rate in measuring exercise intensity.
  • Write an explanation of the muscular demands for the sport you selected. Next, discuss the general approach that should be taken in designing a muscular fitness program for high school athletes in your sport. As a coach in the sport, explain how you will address your athletes’ needs for improving flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, speed, and power. You need not list all the training activities you will use, just the principles you will use in deciding which methods to use in training for the components of muscular fitness.
  • Develop a set of guidelines for muscular endurance training, speed training, and power training for a sport of your choice. Describe the training methods that you think will be effective for addressing athletes’ needs in these areas. Include a discussion of your recommendation for the frequency, duration, and intensity of training sessions.
  • Outline a seasonal energy training plan for a sport of your choice. Include examples of training activities for the off-season, preseason, early season, and peak season. Also, provide information about intensity, frequency, and duration of training activities for these periods.
  • Include a section on how coaches should stay physically active and be role models for their athletes from a physically fit and health standpoint. Describe reasons that coaches, like other busy people, choose not to exercise. Then, provide these coaches with the benefits of exercise and physical activity and provide suggestions for starting and maintaining a physical fitness routine, realistic to their busy lifestyle and coaching position.

Students must submit a PPT presentation which includes at least 15 slides, not including the Title and Reference page. Students must use the “notes section” of the presentation to further explain and provide specific details related to what is being presented in each slide. Additionally, students must write an outline of your presentation in a word document and submit. The outline should demonstrate an organized approach to presenting your PPT and act as a guide for you during this presentation. The outline should be approximately 3 pages in length. At least five (5) scholarly references must be cited and referenced according to APA format on the “Reference” slide of your presentation.

Management homework help


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