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Management homework help

Management homework help. APA format, in-text citation, reference include, 2 pages

Topic: Non-Profit company to start a vaccine drive using donated supplies for a third world country (Use Merck/Bill-Melinda Gates Foundation as example).[Describe the organizational strategies, goals, and objectives. What is/are the root cause(s) of the problem or main contributors of an opportunity. Describe any gaps in capabilities needed for the proposed project versus existing capabilities of the organization. An example might be if you are implementing an organizational-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Your organization does not have the IS/IT system integration experts to manage this type of project. Identify and briefly describe the known risks for this project and the critical success factors that could be used to measure project success. What decision criteria will be used to assess courses of action (see PMBOK for examples).

Management homework help


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