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Management homework help

Management homework help.

Answer the following questions using 3-4 paragraphs total and respond to at least two of your peers to the following topics in this discussion. Some of the answers are not going to be found in the unit’s readings, but they are very important. (Note…not necessary to site the references but do include it in your answers what sources you used).

1. What percentage of those who apply for a job is actually are called in for an interview?

2. What is an ASCII formatted resume and why is it important to have one?

3. What are 5 reasons why job applicants don’t land the job?

4. What length of time is the average job search?

5. Create an “elevator pitch” about yourself to succinctly describe what you’d say to someone you were interested in working for or explaining what you did as an occupation. Be sure to include all 4 talking points. No Plagiarism

Management homework help


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