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  1.      Open the following spreadsheet and save it as Purchases (Your Name).               (2 marks)


Serenity Café              
Income for March 2018            
  Breakfast Lunch Dessert Appetizer Dinner Total %age
Tim and Family 60 75 36 30 70    
John and Jane 40 54 25 22 45    
Tommy 25 23 5 15 20    
Mary and Children 55 57 20 33 60    




  1.     Rename Sheet1 to Spring Break.   Make a copy of Spring Break and rename it

March.  (Delete the unnecessary worksheets)                                                    (3 marks)


  1.      Using a function, insert today’s date in the appropriate cell (DATE FORMAT:  Month-Day-Year)

(2 marks)


  1. Use functions to calculate the following:
  • Total income on breakfast, lunch, dessert, appetizer and dinner;
  • Average income on breakfast, lunch, dessert, appetizer and dinner;
  • Highest income on breakfast, lunch, dessert, appetizer and dinner;
  • Lowest income on breakfast, lunch, dessert, appetizer and dinner;
  • Total cost for serving Tim and Family, John and Jane, Tommy and Mary and Children;
  • The total overall income from serving, and
  • The percentage of Purchases from Each Individual in relation to the Overall Total Purchases. (Answer must be to 2 decimal places)

                                                                                                        (14 marks)


  1. Complete the following formatting operations:
  • Center the headings across the columns.
  • Use appropriate cell styles for the main, column and row headings
  • Insert a suitable graphic. The graphic should be appropriately sized and placed on both sides of the heading                                                                                                (9 marks)



Create the following charts


  1. A PIE CHART to compare the Total Income for serving for Each Individual. Give the chart an

appropriate title.  Label the chart with percent and place the legend on the left of the chart.  Place

on a new sheet called INDIVIDUAL PURCHASES.                                            (5 marks)


  1.     A COLUMN CHART to show the Total Income for each item ( e.g. breakfast, lunch, dessert,

appetizer and dinner.  Give the chart an appropriate title and label the axes.  Place the legend on

the bottom of the chart.

(5 marks)






  1.      Save the changes to the worksheet.                                                                    (2 marks)

Management homework help


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