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Management homework help. Q1. You identified a company or industry of interest for your degree program. As you think about the inherent competition in the market, and the impact of new offerings that will replace other offerings in the market, think about and respond to these questions:

a.  How compatible or helpful are these passages in give us guidance on how to run a business in your industry of interest?

b.  Compare the amount and type of concern we should have for another business in our industry of interest versus what we should have for an individual person working in that industry?

c.  Is it possible to run a business in your industry of interest in such a manner that you will be successful without taking away from another company’s market, it’s sales, and it’s profits, such that the other company could need to reduce employment or close, which would seem to not be in the spirit of Christian community and fellowship? Why?


Q2.  Construct a proposal to JGJ Inc. of 1000 words (+/- 50 words) using at least four credible and objective sources not provided as resources in the course in your analysis, plus at least one source provided in the course reading list.

NOTE: I have added screenshots which gives you an idea about how top answer this question


1.  Use the topic above and the titles from the Market Analysis Report Template (NOTE: I will add the titles as an attachment and also I will add explanations)to create four sections for this part of the consultant’s report:

a.  Porter’s five forces model

b.  Other macroenvironmental external factors

c.  Required Internal Resources and Competencies to Compete in the Market

d.  Required Licenses, Patents, and Rulings or Legal Requirements to Compete in the Market

2.  Porter’s five forces model is a standard for industry analysis, used extensively to understand the core profitability of a market. Because you have been hired to provide expert objective insight, you are expected to deliver a deep-level analysis using the Porter model. It is not the obvious factors, such as “the existing competition will fight for market share,” that create confidence in your ability from the client. It is the identification of the core foundational elements of an industry and the complicated interaction of external and therefore non-controllable factors that determine if a product launch is likely to be successful. Identifying those factors will make you seem valuable to your client.

3.  It is very likely that JGJ Inc. may not have all of the required internal competencies and resources necessary to compete in the new market. Since you are not an insider, you do not know all of your client’s capabilities, capacities, and resources. You do not need to know. Your role here is to provide a thorough objective description of what is needed, not to analyze or rate your client. Therefore, you will need to provide an objective overview of these needed competencies and resources so JGJ’s management team can determine what it has and what it needs.

4.  Cite your work per current APA standards, however, indenting of the references is not required due to the discussion board format


Q3. Read the passage below and answer the question at the end:


Product Development and Market Demand Competition

The home wind turbine market is required to register a CAGR of around 1% during the estimate time of 2020-2025. Elements, for example, rising natural concerns and significant expense of lattice extension, are required to be significant drivers driving the market. Likewise, headway in innovation prompting wind turbine fabricating cost decrease and expansion in effectiveness have been a main consideration for the development of little wind turbine market. Be that as it may, the expanding appropriation of substitute fuel sources, for example, crude oil and solar energy, are probably going to ruin the market development.

·   Vertical pivot wind turbine is the quickest developing kind of the little wind market, attributable to the rising prominence of the equivalent in the private area, particularly in developing business sectors, for example, China, Brazil, and India.

· The developing business sectors in Africa and South America offer a strong business opportunity for the little wind power business, as nations, including Brazil, South Africa, and Chile, are on the cusp of advancement, and there is an expanded interest for power, which is relied upon to give market freedoms to little twist turbine in the coming years.

· Asia-Pacific is required to overwhelm the market’s development with lion’s share of the interest coming from nations, for example, the China and India. Asia-Pacific represented more than 36% of worldwide breeze energy age, adding up to 460.5 terawatt-hours in 2018. The public authority of China has been empowering the arrangement of little wind power (SWP) innovations, since the mid-1980s, and it is one of only a handful few arising economies to effectively create in this area.

Characteristics and features:

The home wind turbine for JGJ market report includes:

Axis Type

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine





North America



South America

Middle East & Africa

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Home Wind turbines offer the advantages of current power administrations to families that had no admittance to power, decreasing power costs on islands and in other distant areas that are reliant on oil-terminated age, just as empowering occupants and private companies to produce their own power.

Vertical axis wind turbines have the primary rotor shaft orchestrated vertically. This gives higher underlying steadiness to the breeze turbines, which are by and large positioned close by the thickly populated territory and lessen the danger of mishaps.

Additionally, the vertical axis wind turbines take out the necessity of directional situating framework, when contrasted with the even situating framework.

With the mechanical upgradations and the breeze turbine fabricating costs declining fundamentally, lately, the appropriation of vertical breeze turbine has been expanding extensively.

A home wind turbine, regardless of its class, will consist of the following:

  • 2 or 3 blades
  • Nacelle with 1 or 2 generators
  • Tower
  • Control electronics
  • Wall mounted stand

The bigger the blades, the better it is. They are characterized either by cutting edge length (typically not more than 10 m), rotor breadth (up to 22-23 m) or cleared territory (infrequently over 300 m2). Cutting edges ought to be thought about between generators of a similar force (a 10-kW generator with a 5 m sharp edge will create more energy than a 10-kW generator with a 3.5 m edge). Notwithstanding, bigger edges imply that the turbine is more costly.

Nacelle is the “head” of a little wind turbine and houses the generator. The size of the generator relies upon its force rating in kW, which infrequently surpasses 100 kW. A little family will typically have a 10-20 kW generator, while a 50-kW generator permits to offer over the top energy to the framework.

The pinnacle is made of steel and can be either a cylindrical or cross section towers. Cross section towers and cylindrical pinnacles beginning from 30 kW will require a huge crane for establishment; if a pinnacle has a water powered slant up, just a little crane or a tractor is required, and support is simpler. Pinnacles are typically from 18 to 36 m high (higher is better).

Targeted customers

Major factors crediting to the development incorporate the ideal government arrangements, the expanding interest in wind power projects and the diminished expense of wind energy which has prompted an expanded appropriation of wind energy, in this way, emphatically adding to the interest for wind energy. The expanding appropriation of substitute fuel sources, for example, crude oil and solar energy, are probably going to obstruct the market development.

Onshore wind power arose as perhaps the most esteemed environmentally friendly power sources, around the world. The combined inland introduced wind power limit is assessed to observe an expansion of 8.33% in 2018 when contrasted with the earlier year’s ability. Nonetheless, the seaward area has been acquiring force in the worldwide breeze power and is relied upon to observe the quickest development soon.

The developing business sectors in Africa and South America offer a strong business opportunity for the breeze power business as nations, including Brazil, South Africa, Chile, and so on, will be on the cusp of advancement, and there is an expanded interest for power, which is relied upon to give market freedoms to wind power improvement in the coming years. Additionally, the huge breeze power potential, combined with a decrease in the expense of the equivalent, is probably going to give broad business freedoms to the market in not so distant future.

North America is perhaps the most experienced and serious areas in the breeze power market, with solid development in the United States.

Offshore Sector set to be the Fastest Growing Segment 

In 2018, the introduced limit from the seaward area addressed a 26% increment in total introduced limit when contrasted with the earlier year. Europe represented over 80% of the worldwide cumulative offshore wind, before the finish of 2018.

The offshore wind turbine market is overwhelmed by the United Kingdom, Germany, and China. The United Kingdom addressed practically 50% of Europe’s gross limit in 2018 and the seaward wind industry in the nation is set to twofold, after the country’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) reported long haul political help for the nation’s offshore wind energy industry.

In spite of the fact that the focal point of center has been the intense achievement in the seaward area in Europe before, China’s seaward industry is at last acquiring energy. In 2017, the nation had introduced 1,162 MW of new wind power limit, which were spread across 18 seaward wind homesteads, and nine of them (968 MW) were in Jiangsu Province, which keeps on being the significant focal point of seaward wind advancement.

India is additionally zeroing in on seaward turns of events. In April 2018, India called for articulation of interest (EoI) for the main seaward wind energy project in the country that is being set up in the Gulf of Khambat, off the shore of Gujarat state.

North America – One of the Competitive Markets

North America is the most developed and serious district in the breeze power market. In 2018, the Americas area added 11.9 GW of wind power limit, driven by the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

In 2018, the United States saw 7,411 MW increment in its introduced wind energy limit, enrolling 8.32% expansion over combined limit in 2017. The development is ascribed to the new and last expansion of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) in the United States. Plus, the approach responsibilities in California and the business trust in abusing lower esteem levels of the creation tax break legitimizes an unobtrusive update in the United States inland area.

In 2018, Mexico introduced around 1 GW of new wind turbines limit, which is one of the most elevated limits increases ever constructed in the country. After the establishment, the introduced wind energy limit in Mexico was 4.9 GW. The scene for sustainable power sources improved fundamentally, following its 2014 energy changes, which are principally zeroing in on changing the power market. Further, the nation has an objective to create 35% of its force limit through renewables before 2024.

As per the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the Americas area is relied upon to encounter a critical extension somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2023. Besides, as indicated by GWEC, the yearly wind power arrangements in the Americas district is relied upon to bring about the dispatching of 60 GW in the following five years.

Nations, for example, China are presently confronting the test that all the promising breeze ranch locales inside 6 miles of the shore have just been misused. To help the limit further and to meet their 2020 sustainable targets, the greater part of the nations are investigating offshore territories. Therefore, seaward wind power is relied upon to develop at a quicker speed in the coming years.

Question: Fully describe the offering that fits the position from the prior proposal. You need to state the specifications, characteristics, and/for features of the offering which will defer triage from the passage above. You should focus on what the product is, not what the competitive offerings are?


NOTE: To answer this question Please refer to the word file attachment I uploaded below and make sure you reply to the comments which are highlighted 

Q4. You will find an attachment word file. Please read that and reply Your revised final report must integrate your alternative analysis or recommendation as an alternative perspective as part of your final report.

Use these seven titles from the Market Analysis Report Template to create seven sections for this part of the consultant’s report:

a.  Current annual sales volume in dollars and/or units sold in the market

b.  Current competitors and their offerings, including points of differentiation for each offering indicating how they are positioned to each other in the market

c.  Current price points of competitors

d.  Projected overall market growth rate for the next five years

e.  Projected changes to overall pricing in the market for the next five years

f.  Recommended position and points of differentiation for the JGJ Inc. offering

g.  Complete buyer profile of the target customer

2.  The body of your paper (i.e. excluding title page, graphics, appendices, and references page) must be 1300 words (+/- 50 words). In the event that your peer did not provide feedback, your length must be 1000 words (+/- 0 words) and you will not be penalized for not including the missing feedback.

3.  You must use, cite, and reference at least five credible sources not provided in the course documents, plus at least one source provided in the course documents.

Management homework help


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