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Literature homework help

Literature homework help. The review should be typed, double spaced, and in Times New Roman 12-point font. All citations and referencing will be done in APA style. See rubric for more details. YOU MUST earn a C or higher on the literature review to pass the class. If you do not earn a C or higher on the paper you will earn an F in the course regardless of the points you accumulated for class work. You must also earn a C or higher on the APA portion of your paper or you fail the paper regardless of your writing skills. You will then retake this class another semester and you are NOT GURANTEED to be in the class the following semester. You will be given a rubric and you must meet all of the basic standards for the paper before I will grade it. There is no redo on this paper.    The review must be 7 pages in length, typewritten, double-spaced, and must follow APA style. The 7-page length does not include your list of references or your cover page. Your paper must contain, on average, at least 2 references for each page in length (You will have a minimum of 10 references. Your references must be from scientific (i.e., refereed journals, scholarly books, or government or scholarly websites.) Your review must contain four sections: 1). Statement of the problem and research question: This is a short paragraph that states why your topic is an issue that needs to be studied and includes your research question. 2). Introduction: A general introduction to the topic you have chosen for your paper. (1 page). 3). Review of Literature: This section will be the major part of your paper. You will need  to organize your presentation into a cohesive theme. You will synthesize the research from  your literature search. You must also cite other studies conducted on your topic.(3-4 pages). 4). Methods: What would you do if you were to complete your research, how would you collect  Data? (1 page). 5). Summary: This is a paragraph or summarizing the most important information from your literature review. (1/2 – 1page). DO NOT just repeat all that you wrote. Literature Review Evaluation Criteria 1. Organization: Follow the organizational plan I give you. 2.Clarity – this will include grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and organization. You must use Grammarly and turn in a printout from Grammarly every time you turn in a rough draft of your papers. 3. Adequate summary of studies 4. Adequate number of references 5. Summary of your findings from the literature review

Literature homework help


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