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Literature homework help

Literature homework help. The texts for this week show women in relationship with husbands, daughters, lovers, friends.
READINGs:  selection from The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women:

Choose one:

  • Hisaye Yamamoto: “Seventeen Syllables” (834–843)
  • Maxine W. Kumin: “Making the Jam without You” (913), “The Envelope” (915); “How It Is” (915), “Skinnydipping with William Wordsworth” (916-917), “Women and Horses” (917), “Sonnet in So Many Words” (918)
  • identify a relationship being described in one of these texts and explain how aesthetic elements as imagery, allusion, distinctive word choice, or metaphor) reinforce the nature of that relationship.
    Respond in a 250-350 word MLA format.

Literature homework help


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