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Law homework help

Law homework help.  

  •   Individual written task in Harvard style format, cover page, Table of Contents, text alignment and Reference list.
  •   The student must build a coherent discussion or argument in essay format, analyzing theories and models. Law cases and case studies may be referred
    to when providing examples.
  •   Students must write in complete sentences and develop paragraphs. No bullet points are allowed.
  •   Prepare and Introduction, Body, and Conclusion paragraphs.
  •   Sources must be used, identified, and properly cited.
  •   Format: Word document (no pdf) submitted through Turnitin
  1. Provide a brief description of the key areas of law dealt with in the case study. Your answer must be given in full sentence/s, not bullet points.
  2. Under contract law what is the weight of an advertisement?
  3. Outline the contractual relationship of both Jenny and Mandy and the parents that hire them to tutor their children.
  4. Imagine that Jenny and Mandy hire the services of the web designer, but do not pay for the services given. What can the web-designer do to get her
    money back?
  5. In relation to the work done for the elderly neighbour, time goes by and the she does not pay the girls. Do the girls have a legal right to be paid?
  •   Case Study
    Jenny (18) and her sister Mandy (16) are both excellent students and have decided to try to make some extra money offering tutoring in math and English. They have put up advertisements in shops in their neighbourhood and are getting a lot of positive response, so much so that they are thinking of offering the classes online. The got in touch with a web designer who has provided them with a proposal of the work that she could do and the cost.
    Both girls are known in the neighbourhood for being open and friendly. One day after teaching a class Jenny’s elderly next-door-neighbour stops her and asks her to sweep up the leaves and generally tidy up the garden. Jenny gets her sister Mandy to help her. The neighbour is extremely happy and says she will pay them the next time she sees them.
  •   Wordcount: 800 – 1000
  •   Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total word count.
  •   Font: Arial 11 pts.
  •   Text alignment: Justified.
  •   The in-text References and the Bibliography must be in Harvard’s citation style.


Law homework help


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