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Interview Writing

Interview Writing. I made the below interview with one Dr. Ahmed how is a post- doctor in the transportation engineering. Use APA style (the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association). Please use this interview to write about five pages and make sure to follow the critical in the

Information about Dr. Ahmed


He has a PhD degree in civil engineering since. His research is focusing transportation ( traffic safety)


Criteria Excellent
Coherence The interview assignment write-up is coherently written, is logical, and comprehensible.
Interview Write-Up Your interview is done in some depth and you demonstrate strong insights in your write-up.
APA Format & Polish Your interview assignment write-up clearly follows APA guidelines AND No spelling errors exist and the paper is grammatically correct.


Try to follow theses recommendations as much as you can and if you think you need to modify something you are a allowed to that:

(~2 pages) on the faculty member you are interviewing that could include information about what they have been publishing, where these articles have been published, etc. Also, discuss why you chose the faculty member you selected to interview. To help inform you about what interview questions to ask your participating faculty member, I strongly recommend that you read several of their recent publications. A few of your questions could have to do directly with these publications (e.g., how did the faculty member select participants for a particular study?). I recommend that you include information in the introduction of your paper about why you selected the interview questions that you selected to ask your participating faculty member. For any publications that you read that are written by your participating faculty member, I recommend that you include citations for these publications in the references of your paper. After the introduction of your paper, provide a summary of what you learned from the interview (~2-4 pages), followed by a discussion about how what you learned can inform your work to write and publish (~1-2 pages). After your references, provide a list of the interview questions you asked your participant. Have some fun with this assignment and don’t be shy to ask the difficult questions.








The interview questions and answers:

1- How many papers have you published?

Complete publications: 10 papers in journal publication

Conferences: 14 conferences

2-In how many years?

In 6 years.

3-Was the first paper challenging for you?

Yes, it was so difficult. It was the worst publications.

4-Wht do you usually do to overcome your publication difficulties?

The first paper was depended a lot on my adviser. He helped me a lot. The adviser did the first revision for my paper so he modified  a lot of aspects in my paper, in all sections of the paper there were so many issues, such as English language errors ( modifying the verbs from present to past tense as we use the past tense instead of present when write in Engineering felids). Most writing styles we usually use for journal publications are APA and Chicago.

5-Do you recall your feeling after publishing your first paper?

After first acceptance I was so happy since it is my first publications

6-What is your advice for graduate students who are never publish and wish to do so?

My first advice is to read a lot of publications in your field as it is the only way to learn about the writing style and format specifically for journals which you are targeting to publish in the future. Some paper accepts a decent methodology and dissection; however, others are looking to see a sophisticated mythology and dissections as well as a vital contribution.

7-What is your favorite academic academic’s paper?

The I had which talked about traffic safety performance function. In that paper, I compared parametric and nonparametric approaches with each other as a result it was so hard and took so much time from me and a long time to be reviewed by the journal so I was so proud when had it done and got published finally.

8-If your paper is not accepted in a certain journal, what do you do then?

Usually, if the paper has a strong methodology and result, I try to target the top tear journals in the filed of transportation and write the paper in a way that satisfies the requirements of the targeted journals. However, if the paper was not accepted for some reason, I receive comments from the reviewer. I read them carefully and whatever comments I think they are going to improve my paper I consider, modify, and submit the paper to another journal which is has a similar rank to the first journal. Finally, if the paper still not accepted in the tow journals, I target a lower impact factor journal and so on until the paper ends up to be accepted. It good to mention that I have only one paper got accepted from the first time of submission; in contrast, all the rest of my papers were rejected for one ore more until they were accepted finally.

How long does it take you to write a paper usually?

There is no certain time. If required dataset is available it is not going to take a lot of time (about 2 to 3 months) and the last paper I have done from A to Z in five days only since I already have the data, idea and the result. However, if you do not have enough data it will to much longer time. Practice is crucial. The more experience and skill you learn in academic wring, the less period of time you need to get your paper finish and submitted to a journal.

10- Who is your role model writer

In transportation engineering, my previous adviser has an outstanding wring style although you need to have a long experience to understand his paper since he targets a high level of audience.


Interview Writing


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