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Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help. 1. In an earlier Module, we discussion one justification for affirmative action, adressing past wrongs.   A newer rationale that has been accepted by the courts is “diversity.”    You are hiring manager for large cable company (over 700 employees)  with a directive to hire with “diversity in mind.”    What does “diversity” mean to you?


The American workforce is increasingly becoming part of the “gig economy.”   Have you or would you work as a “gig” independent contractor, assuming, with tips, you could generally earn as much as in a “regular job? ”

3. Unlike Presidential or Congressional elections, in union “representation elections” no campaigning is allowed during the “24 hour silent period?”   Is this good public policy?

4. Why do companies develop formal mentoring programs? What are the potential benefits for the mentor? For the mentee? Information on this is provided in Chapter 9. .

Human Resource Management homework help


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