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Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help. Human capital theory has been advanced as a rationale underlying seniority pay, where employees develop more skills and knowledge with more job experience.  In your teams, discuss the following issues/questions related to this statement:

  1. Each of you should first briefly describe a job that you have performed for several months (this could be a paid or volunteer job).
  2. Describe any changes in knowledge and/or skills you experienced over the course of performing that job.
  3. If you have ever worked in an organization that had seniority pay, what was your general reaction to this system for pay increases? (if you never worked in an organization with seniority pay, you can skip this question)
  4. Based on everyone’s responses, do you agree that seniority pay can be justified because employees do indeed develop more knowledge and skills over time?  Does seniority pay motivate employees to perform at high levels? Explain.


Human Resource Management homework help


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