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Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help.

Based upon the following article, available in the CTU Library, and your reading, address this Unit’s discussion:

Go to the CTU Library, and open the ABI Inform database. Find and review the following article:

  • Hanson, P. G. (2000). The self as an instrument for change. Organization Development Journal, 18(1), 95-105.

Use the article as a starting point to address the following (500-600 words):

  • Now that you have reviewed and thought through AR/AI on a specific organizational problem, share with your colleagues the key distinctions and highlights of each method and how you can apply the      article “The self as an instrument for change” in your organization. Do you believe AR/AI can solve the issue? Why or why not?

addition to addressing all requirements of the assignments, a model answer includes the following:

  • State the organizational problem. Be specific. Discuss how AR/AI can (or can’t) solve the problem
  • Discuss the organizational dimensions that may support  and / or hinder your efforts i.e., live chat dated 2/28 – slide #24
  • Properly incorporate “The self as an instrument for change” in your initial response to the discussion board; including:
    • Life-long discovery
    • Owning and refining instrumentality
    • Conscious and unconscious attributes
    • Self-awareness & culture
    • Moral courage
    • Facilitating change vs. directing change
    • Initiate action & reflection
  • Avoid redundancy and focus on key elements i.e. the two  bullet points above and clearly illustrate their relevance to the organizational problem you are trying to solve

Human Resource Management homework help


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