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homework help 2853

homework help 2853.

An investigator of an incident scene is looking for physical AND testimonial evidence. 

Submission Instructions: 

There are a total of six activities that must be addressed. Describe each of these and note the relevance of each.

600 words, APA format atleast 3 resources

Required Text:

Newman, R.C. (2007).Computer Forensics: Evidence Collection and Management. Auerbach

            Publications: Taylor and Francis Group. ISBN: 0849305616 9780849305610

E-Book: http://   (READ CHAPTER 13)

Reference: Blackley, J. A., Peltier, J., & Peltier, T. (2013) Information Security Fundamentals, 2nd Edition. Boca Raton, FL. Auerbach Publications.ISBN: 9781439810620

homework help 2853


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