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History homework help

History homework help.

After answer the questions be sure to quote the Locke handout at least five times, cite it properly, and explain your quotations. Also be sure to include the relevant scriptural references from the syllabus and listed in this footnote.)

Compose an essay of 1100–1300 words that fully answers the essay question. Answers should be formatted as a five, six, or seven paragraph essay and meet the following criteria:

1) Essays should have a clear thesis and introduction paragraph at the beginning, which introduces the topic of the paper and states clearly what the argument will be. For this assignment the work of developing a thesis is partially done for you as you are responding directly to one question.

2) Essays should have a clear concluding paragraph at the end, which summarizes the argument, its importance, and possible further questions that arise from the essay. The conclusion should not introduce substantially new ideas or arguments.

3) Essays should explain concepts and ideas in your own language (paraphrasing) to demonstrate your knowledge. Students must avoid the temptation to use the language from handouts or slides without explaining the concepts in their own way and with their own language. Simply copying the language of course content without then going on to explain it will yield a very low grade.

4) Essays should organize paragraphs in a logical progression to support the thesis (all paragraphs should be 1/2 – 3/4 of a page).

5) Essays should demonstrate clear writing and strong command of English grammar.

6) Essays should integrate and summarize the relevant scriptural passages that apply to the question. In some cases, you will be able to choose which passages to integrate but be sure to meet the minimum number required by the question.

7) Adhere to other standards in the paper rubric to earn the desired grade.

should not consult outsides sources for this assignment. Outside citations are not required for this assignment, and you do not need to cite lectures or your own notes if using them. All citations require either a page number or a working URL. You must cite the Bible in your argument according to the citation guide. If you are analyzing other handouts from class, you should cite them according to the citation information in the footnote to this sentence and indicating the page number of my handout after the citation. If you consult the textbook and use the idea, quotation, or statistic in your essay, you should cite it and the relevant page number.

History homework help


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