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History homework help

History homework help. Primary Source Analysis Paper Assignment

Select one of the primary sources listed below. In an essay of at least three pages analyze the primary source, considering who wrote the source, why they wrote they wrote the source, and why the source is significant.

  • One of John Dickinson’s, Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania (Especially consider one of letters 1, 2 ,5, 9, or 11)
  • One of The Federalist Papers (Especially consider one of numbers 1, 9, 10, 31, 35, or 51.)
  • Thomas Paine, “Common Sense
  • George Washington, Newburgh Address

A good essay will:

  • Begin with an introduction that explicitly names the source, provides a brief (1-2 sentence) explanation of the source and its contents, and argues as to the source’s significance.
  • Identify and analyze the source.
    • Who wrote the source?
    • When did they write the source? Why write the source at that time?
    • What did they intend the source to do? (They probably wrote it for a reason.)
    • What were actual consequences of the source (Why does this source matter?)
  • While considering the above questions, remember to relate the source to the historical context discussed in class or the textbook. (You should have to do this to answer the above questions anyways.)
  • Have a brief conclusion.
  • Be at least 3 pages long with standard formatting: 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, one-inch margins, page numbers in top right corner.
  • Include page numbers for all quotes and an indication of where you got the version of the source you read.
  • If you would like feedback, you must email me the assignment at by midnight on Friday, February 19.

The assignment is due via email by midnight to on:

History homework help


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