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Government homework help

Government homework help.

The Assignment instructions are below. One page and please use APA format with two to  three sources. Completion time Thursday 12  P.M. easter standard time.

For this week’s discussion, give an example of the use of technology to replace a hand or power tool. What are the pros and cons? Which may include physical or health hazards. Demonstrate a case where a power tool replacing a hand tool would be better when it comes to completing a job/task?


  • For full credit, be sure to post your initial post by the fourth day of the module week.
  • Respond to at least two of your peers’ postings by the last day of the module week.
  • Check back throughout the week to respond to your instructor and classmates.
  • Submissions should be clear, concise, and thoughtful, with apparent structure, thought-development, and adherence to APA source crediting standards.
  • You will be unable to see your classmates’ posts until you make your initial post.

Government homework help


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