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  1. Using Microsoft Word, write a 250 word essay on the fading of home telephone use with the advent of recent technology, and share your personal experiences with this change. Provide at least tworeferences using APA format.
  2. Position a telephone graphic image within the text as tight using wrap text.
  3. Rotate a telephone graphic 45 degrees within a set of text.
  4. Set AutoCorrect options so that a text  (you select the text) will not be replaced as you type and screen shot your result.
  5. Add the word “email” to the AutoCorrect options on the computer as an exception, provide a screenshot of your result.
  6. Change the AutoRrecover file location to the Microsoft documents folder, provide a screenshot of your result.
  7.  Use Split Window, split the document after a selected paragraph (then remove the split), provide a screen shot of the split.
  8.  Find the word “telephone” and replace with “phone” in a double underlined, red font, and provide a screenshot of each step.
  9. Hyperlink the graphic to open a “supporting reference website for your essay” when selected, provide a screenshot of each step.
  10. Add a custom watermark to the report to include your name, Garamond font (or something similar), size 96, colored Black, Text 1, lighter 15%, provide a screenshot of each step
  11. Double space the essay, then add Facet (odd page) footer, so it only shows on odd pages—Your Last Name.
  12. Apply condensed character spacing to the essay, provide your screenshot.
  13. Insert a page break just above the reference on the last page – the title of the new page is Works Cited (type this above the reference) – Apply the Title Quick Style to the Works Cited title, provide a screenshot of your results.
  14. Change the page color Dark Blue, Text 2, Lighter 60%, provide a screenshot of your result.
  15. Apply a shadow page border, 3 pt width, measured from the text, provide a screenshot of your result.
  16. Add a bulleted list of three different communication technologies you may use instead of a telephone, show result.
  17. Define the new bullet for the bulleted list above to be tulips.jpg (you will need to download an image) from the picture folder.
  18. Draw a textbox around your second paragraph—shade the box Dark Blue, Text 2, Lighter 40%,provide a screenshot as evidence.
  19. Insert a Cover page with your name as the author and “Fading of Home Phone” as the title, illustrate your work.
  20. Build a table below your essay with four cellular providers in one column and their websites in another column, with each cellular provider on its own row, submit your result.
  21. Convert a table to text separated by a  colon (:), provide a screenshot of your work
  22. Add a heading to the first paragraph and change the first paragraph heading Heading Style 1, illustrate your work
  23. Use the format painter to change all remaining paragraph headings to Heading Style 1, illustrate your work
  24. Insert a Fancy formatted Table of Contents, with a hyphen leader, showing only Headings 1 & 2 after the cover page
  25. Restrict editing of this document, with password “phone” to comments only, illustrate your work



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