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English homework help

English homework help.

The required readings are:

  • Monishipouri, Human Rights in the Middle East, Part II, chapter 6
  • Chase, Routledge Handbook, Part I, chapter 8

After reading those chapter,


Themes, Questions and Independent Research

  1. Summarize the main themes of the readings to which you have been assigned. Are the readings similar or different in the way that they explain the human rights of minority groups in the Iran? Do you find the approach that the readings adopt to this issue convincing or not? Explain.
  2. Choose two “minority” groups identified in the readings. Then,

(1)  Summarize the status of these groups as explained in the readings.

(2)  Undertake relevant research on the World Wide Web. In light of your research, provide a concise summary of the current situation of these groups.

Please keep this in mind for your online research:  Your sources MUST BE from ONE of the following categories:

International Nongovernmental Organizations research (human rights watch)

English homework help


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