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English homework help

English homework help.  

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Assignment: Read scenario and answer two question below



Nathan, a community college transfer student, is taking a required humanities course. He is frustrated with class because even though he takes notes during the instructor’s lectures, he never does well on the class exams. He needs to pass the class to graduate but doesn’t understand what he can do better. It doesn’t seem fair that the questions on the exams don’t seem relate to what he’s learned in class.  Often the tests use vocabulary he’s never seen before.

He has fairly regular attendance, and if he comes in late or is absent, he always talks to a classmate to learn what he’s missed. He brings a notebook to class with him and he uses the same notebook for several classes.  He usually remembers to bring his textbook.

He knows that the instructor will use a portion of each class lecturing on work that has been assigned earlier. Usually, he completes those assignments right before class, but rarely reviews his work because the instructor just checks to see if the work is complete.

He writes down everything that the instructor says and most of what the instructor puts on the board, but he often gets bored and is easily distracted in class by his friends texting him; and when he responds to them, he tunes out any class discussion that may be taking place. After all, whatever the other students are discussing is not that important. If it’s something he needs to know, the instructor will cover it.


    1. What are some of the main issues Nathan has with preparation for class?
    2. What are some classroom engagement techniques and note-taking tips you would recommend for Nathan?


English homework help


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