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English homework help

English homework help.  

Essay 2: Position Essay (100 pts./10%)

“Should _____________?”


In this position essay, you will explore discussions regarding the role of technology in our lives. You will narrow down a topic, state your position on the issue, briefly address opposing arguments, and provide credible, quality outside evidence to support your claims.


You have two options for this assignment:

  • You may research, explore, and take a position on an issue involving technology in your major/career field.
  • You may research, explore, and take a position on an issue involving technology in general.


Your title should be in the form of a research question (see above); your thesis will answer that question. Examples of titles/position topics: “Should Students Be Required to Use iPads in the Classroom?”, “Should Police Wear Cameras?”, “Should Musicians Avoid Spotify?”, “Should Bots be Banned from Buying Concert Tickets?”, “Should Self-Check Outs be Eliminated from Grocery Stores?”, “Should Telehealth Appointments Continue to be Used Post-Pandemic?”, etc.


Position essays require you to:

-explore and evaluate various sides to an argument

-choose a position and reflect on why you feel a specific way

-narrow a potentially broad topic to connect with your audience

-select credible evidence to support your position


You need to include in-text citations and a Works Cited page. Sources (3-5) are necessary to strengthen and support your position. (*Note: Failure to include in-text citations and a Works Cited page will result in an automatic F for the assignment.)


Keep in mind the following while writing your essay:

  • Argue with yourself—can you recognize flaws in your own argument(s)?
  • Refrain from writing vague statements—stay focused and on point.
  • Don’t forget about the UWC!


Purpose of the assignment:

  • To practice evaluating arguments and evidence
  • To practice staying on topic
  • To practice research methods
  • To practice writing thesis statements, topic sentences, and transitions


I will grade your essays based on the following:


  • Solid thesis statement
  • Organization
  • Quality of sources (3-5)
  • Ability to integrate sources
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Ability to convey personal opinion in a professional manner
  • Title of essay


  • Meeting the length requirement (approx. 900-1100 words)
  • Format and documentation style (MLA)

Helpful Hints:

-Use MTSU library to discover sources. Prof. W. will show you how to do this easily and efficiently! Try searching useful MTSU library databases such as Opposing Viewpoints, Statista, CQ Researcher, and Academic Search Ultimate.

-Cite your sources as you find them.

-Keep your audience in mind. In this instance, your instructor and your peers are your audience.

-Read the essay numerous times, and be an engaged reader (take notes, annotate, talk to the text, etc.).

-To avoid errors, proofread a printed copy of the essay before turning in the final draft.

-If you have any questions, ask!


Due Dates: See course calendar for official due dates; make certain you are aware of readings, homework, and deadlines. The assignments this semester require more self-discipline and intensive strategies than what you experienced in English 1010.

English homework help


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