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English homework help. SOUTHARK




Write an Informative essay of at least 6 paragraphs (at least 6 pages). The essay should include the following: a thesis statement in the intro, at least four body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.


Each body paragraph should use research, but should be mainly your own words and ideas, documented correctly in MLA format. Research should support what your say, not be the paper. You also need to include at the end a Works Cited list of the research you used. You will need 3-5 sources. No more, no less. You must use the library databases. No Internet for this paper.




1. Outline and two body paragraphs Sunday, 2-7, midnight 

2. Final Paper Sunday, 2-21, midnight



Please note the following guidelines related to the writing of this outline:


1. All work must be typed and must be submitted to the drop box as a Word document.


2. You are receiving 45 points for submitting a complete outline (full sentences) of the essay and two complete body paragraphs using research. If it is incomplete, missing a part, not in MLA format, or has an intro or conclusion for your paragraphs, you will receive 20 points. Research should not be on the outline. This is the structure and should be all your own words and ideas. Research should be in the body paragraphs and documented. If it is late, it will lose 3 points per day.


3. Final drafts will lose 3 points per day for being late.


4. A Works Cited page, documenting the sources you used in the paper, must be the last page of the essay (it does not count toward the minimum requirement of 6 pages). It starts on a new page, but it is part of the paper.


5. Proper MLA formatting must be used: heading, header, one inch margins, indent the first sentence of each paragraph, no extra spaces between paragraphs (you will have to adjust in the Paragraph section in Word), double space everything, Times New Roman 12pt. font.


6. You will lose 10 points for every page short for the essay. A page is considered one with one inch margins, double spaced only with correct font and size.


7. All assignments are due on the date in the Schedule and above unless otherwise stated. Use correct MLA documentation.


8. The essay should be written objectively: no I, we, us, me, our, etc. and no you.


9. Do not use contractions.



All stages of the writing process (both outlines, first and final/revised versions of the essay) must be the result of your own efforts unless otherwise stated. See the current Student Handbook for penalties.






a. Tatoos can ruin a life.

b. The consequences of overpopulated prisons. 


c. Any unusual disease that you know about (not diabetes).


d. Voodoo is a religion.


e. Caffeine is an addiction 


f. Explanation of a ‘whole food’ diet


g. How-to topics can be informative. The must be able to be explained in paragraph form with one step per paragraph. They must be more than just a list of steps. And they need to be clear and interesting.


Do not do stress or exercise. Many students do these so there is nothing new or interesting in them.



An informative essay only gives information. It does not take a side, argue, or give a solution. It is not cause and effect or compare and contrast. It simply gives facts about a topic. However, it must be interesting also. It cannot just be a list. Good examples can make a good informative essay. Remember not to use too technical of a language because you need to be aware of your readers. Pick something you know a lot about so your paper does not become a collection of research.

Do not copy anything from anywhere for any reason without proper documentation. Even if you put the information in your own words, you are stealing someone’s ideas. It must have an in-text citation. You cannot use anything you have written for another class. That is called self-plagiarism.

English homework help


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