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English homework help

English homework help. Group 4: Reading.

  • Monshipouri, Human Rights in the Middle East, Part II, chapters 5 and 9
  • Castellino and Cavanaugh, Minority Rights in the Middle East, chapter 3
  • Chase, Routledge Handbook, Part III, chapter 29

Your reports must be concise and informative. Refer to readings in a clear and coherent fashion. Demonstrate that you have critically reflected on course readings.


  • You will be submitting a brief written group report. Reports must be 500-700 words in length and must include the following:

(2)  Critical reflections on the questions that appear below.
(3)  Please integrate course readings into written reports in a clear and coherent fashion and cite accordingly. I expect to see a minimum of FOUR relevant references to course readings in your reports.

English homework help


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